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Specialist Carnivorous plant nursery

          Dionaea & Sarracenia


About Us

Welcome to Essex Carnivorous Plants!

We are a UK specialist 'Carnivorous Plant' nursery. We are based in Thundersley, Essex - which is very  near London. We specialise in Dionaea (Venus Flytrap) clones and their cultivars as well as the Sarracenia species & hybrids, which make up part of the ever increasing range of plants held in our collection. We can also supply a range of other carnivorous plants such as Darlingtonia, Drosera, Pinguicula, Utricularia.


All plants sold are propagated by divisions, or from seed, from plants in the collections, and from Tissue Culture. The plants are supplied by mail order or can be picked up at any of the plant fairs/shows  we attend or from the nursery by appointment.

Our plants regularly appear in the world media, and have even been used by a major film company for 2008 BAFTA Award winning blockbuster movie 'The Golden Compass' . We also supply the BBC, (the UKs biggest television company) with top specimens for TV shows such as the Nick Knowles 'Wild about your Garden' series. More recently, the BBC's BLUE PETER series, which is the world's longest-running children's television show having first aired in 1958, featured two specimens from our carnivorous plants collection, namely an S. Flava var Maxima and a Nepenthes  for the finals in the -FREAKS OF NATURE- feature that was shown throughout spring 2011.

we have also supplied plants for botanical artists and garden designers

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